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Terence Donald "Terry" Turnbull
October 24, 1940 - April 3, 2011



TURNBULL, Terence Donald (Terry) died April 3, 2011 at age 70. A tenacious fight with cancer ended in the Nanaimo Hospital with his daughter and sister by his side.

Terry is survived by mother Ilda Turnbull of Summerland, wife Lynn of Telkwa, brother Gerald, sister Joan (Les) Marles, daughter Susanne (Derrick), son William (Jennifer) and grandchildren Sarah, Savannah and Marcus.

He was born Oct. 24, 1940 and grew up playing by the rivers and fields in Sullivan and Elgin, British Columbia. Terry served in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) from March 1962 to March 1967 as a 'trade-Safety equipment technician.' Terry completed his basic training in Lac Saint-Jean, Quebec; course training in Camp Borden and was assigned to a field station in Namao, Alberta. His final career was with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO).

His family explored many of the outdoor wonders of Canada with him in Alberta, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and British Columbia. He was known for his rectitude and loyalty to work and family. His sense of humour endeared him to family, friends and fishermen. They had many affectionate nick names for him.

He was very well read and had a keen mind for world affairs and history. Terry was passionate about his love for his wife Lynn, golf (yes in that order), cross-country skiing (biathlon), hunting and fishing. He was a knowledgeable and patient teacher of the outdoors to his children. We are saddened that he will not have more time to share with us and his grandchildren, but are relieved he can now rest in peace.

Terry requested: “Keep your money. You worked hard for it. But if you chose to donate please do so to the charity of your choice. If however you give it to the tax man, I will come back and haunt you!”

Career in Fisheries and Oceans Canada

June 7, 1971, started with Fisheries and Oceans as a Biological Sciences Technician with the Department of Environment, Fisheries and Forestry in Winnipeg.
1972, Promoted to an EGES S04 position with Environment Canada - Fisheries Service, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
June 1, 1973, transferred to Hay River, Northwest Territories with Environment Canada - Fisheries Services.
October 1973, promoted to the EGES S06 position.
July 15, 1974, transferred to a GT02 Fishery Officer.
March 3, 1977, transferred to Vancouver in the Pacific Region as a GT02 Fishery Officer.
August 1977, reclassified from a GT02 to PM01 Investigator position.
January 8, 1978, promoted from PM01 to PM02 Enforcement and Investigation Officer in Prince Rupert.
1979, transferred to Smithers as a GT03 Sub-District Fishery Officer position was next in 1979 with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
August 1992, promoted to a GT04 Assistant District Supervisor, Operations / North Coast position. Reclassified to a PM04 Field Supervisor, Operations / North Coast.
Acting PM05 Area Chief, Prince Rupert Fisheries/Operations/North Coast right up to his retirement in June of 1998.

Over the years Terry had family support from his wife Lynn, son Bill and daughter Susanne. Fellow officers had a few nick names for Terry: T2, T squared and Horribilis Horribilis.

Terry is an avid fisher (when someone else baits his hook), hunter (when someone else called the moose out for him), golfer (he'll tell you he has a low handy-cap, but we all know better), cross country skier and spent many hours in his white-water canoe (his standing question to many paddlers at the bow as they looked at the standing waves ahead......always was....if you think you can swim through it, then let's late to turn around anyway, and he knew it).......has made his own wine (and has been known to tilt a few glasses now and then).

His commitment never waivered, he promoted compliance and wore his uniform proudly, by today's definition Terry had an Exemplary career as a Fishery Officer.

Lynn Diane Turnbull
July 13, 1944 - May 13, 2011

Vibrant Lynn passed away after a long fight against dementia at age 66. She and Terry spent almost 30 years in the Bulkley Valley.

She is survived by daughter, Suzanne (Derrick) and son, William (Jen), brothers Brian (Maureen), Ross (Jeannie) and Neil (Barbara), grandchildren, Sarah, Savannah and Marcus and dearly loved nieces and nephews.

Lynn was born in Ottawa and lived in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Hay River, Prince Rupert and Telkwa.

She was a very passionate person known for her hospitality and putting all her energy into her family, a cause, work or church. She has been involved in Girl Guides as a youth, leader, commissioner and representative of Canada.

Mum could do anything with her hands; painting, carpentry, sewing, woodwork and crafts. She was a jack of all trades, apprenticing as a carpenter, picture framer, substitute teacher and daycare provider (Little Toot). She was a strong advocate for those in need and putting her beliefs into action. Lynn loved the outdoors, canoeing, cross country skiing and hiking.

Mum’s motto was “Where there is a will there is a way.”

She could dream big and had the organizational skills to make those dreams come true. We miss her and are very grateful for her lessons and example. A memorial service for Lynn and Terry, was held July 16, 2011 at Smithers United Church.





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