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Ian Gordon Mann
September 12, 1959 - April 2, 2007


With his family by his side, Ian passed away on April 2, 2007 at the age of 47.

He was born in Vancouver in 1959, where he went to Maple Grove and Magee. He graduated from BCIT with both forestry and fisheries diplomas.

Ian's maternal grandparents had a great influence on his life. His Nampa, a founding Governor of the Vancouver Aquarium, took Ian behind the scenes. He was taught golf by his award winning grandmother, and was taken fishing, camping and boating by his parents.

He had an amazing creative side, as shown by his costumes, cartoons, comedy routines, his many inventions, clever Christmas presents and extra curricular activities posters. Ian made the mundane FUN!

Besides his ingenuity, Ian was very conscientious, enjoyed the keeping of traditions, was generous and very soft hearted. But most of all an incredibly devoted father.

Dear Dad,

Some say your life has ended,
But I do not agree,
Your soul has just been bended,
Perhaps a few degrees,
Your spirit lies within,
Forever in our thoughts,
You'll never be forgotten,
You're always in our hearts.
- Tyler Mann

Dear Dad:

My love for you was deep and strong
You always loved me even when I was wrong
I know that God has a purpose for you
You always knew the right thing to do
What I'm saying Dad is that I love you.
I know in my heart you're in God's hands...

- Lisa Mann



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